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December 24, 2015


You have opened your new business and now you’re looking for clients.  
Or maybe your “not-so-new” business has slowed down and you need fresh ideas on how to find new clients fast. 
In either case, here are three steps to finding the right clients for your business. 


I’m fond of saying, “It’s still all about Search.”
Think about it. When you need something to help your business or you need something in your personal
life, you do a Search, right?
Maybe your favorite place to start is Google. Maybe not.
Maybe, like me, your first place is Pinterest. That’s where I go whenever I need to find something.
So, if I did a keyword search for the type of product or service your business sells, would
it show up on those two places? How about on YouTube, the second largest search engine
on the planet?
Here’s a great way to find out if you are coming up in Search. Go to a computer you don’t use. Best bet – the local library. Do a straight-up Google search using the keywords that people might use to find a solution to the problem your product or service solves.


For example, if your business designs customized social media marketing plans for Pet
stores, do a search for this phrase, “customized social media marketing plans for Pet
stores.” Does your business show up on the first page of results? If not, proceed to Step


Increase Your Content Marketing


#1  There are two layers to this step: social content and blog content.


Social Content

You absolutely need to find, curate and create great content to help your potential new
clients. But even more important is the continued conversation with the people who
respond to your posts. Don’t post and run! Post and be available! Not only will this increase
your social authority in your niche, but it will also give you some semantic search
juice. Semantic? Yes, SEO + Semantic = the way Search is going to be very soon. All
those social interactions will help you when Google switches to this new way of providing
search results.



 Blog Content


The second way of increasing your content marketing is in your blog posts. When was
the last time you blogged? Are you making this too hard? Would you prefer to Vlog instead?
I’m the Queen of asking questions by the way. :)
I hope you have a global keyword list that people tend to use to find your stuff. If we go
back to the social media management business for Pet stores, I would imagine the global
keyword list would contain the following: small business marketing plans, social media
marketing for pet stores, free social media marketing plans, pet stores on Facebook,
Those are the phrases to include in your next set of blog posts. If you are on a Word-
Press blog, make sure you use the SEO Plugin by Yoast. I consider it the number one
tool for content marketing. Add the selected phrase in the plugin keyword field and it will
tell you when your post is SEO ready to launch into the wild. I highly recommend it.
On to another important process to gather new clients and customers.


#2 Review your sales process


When was the last time you went completely through your sales process as if you were
a new customer? You might be surprised at some of the parts in the transaction that are
clunky or old-looking and might turn away a potential customer.
Are there too many clicks?
Is the Free Report you’re using in your email capture outdated information?
I recently reviewed the sales process for a new client of mine and got 6 (yes 6) auto-
emails from one purchase. Needless to say, this is way overboard and needed to be
You need to review your own sales process if you are going to offer this service to your
new and existing clients. And I know sometimes we are our own worst client (social media
managers are not immune to this phenomenon), but if you spend the time to review
your sales process, you might find some great new things to add to it that will provide
even more value to your clients and customers. For example, have you thought about
adding an upsell or a downsell?


#3  Give Existing Clients Discou nts for Bringing in New Clients


This is one of my favorite ways to find new clients and has worked for me over and over
again. Your existing clients and customers hopefully love the service you provide. So, tell them
that you will give them XYZ in exchange for bringing a new client to your door. This is
a type of soft affiliate or referral program. When I give local in-person workshops, I tell
my previous workshop participants they can attend for free when they bring in a paying
attendee. Works like a charm. These new people see a room full of happy people and are
already half-way there to becoming a private coaching client or purchasing one of my programs



These 3 ideas are just a few of the ones we discuss in Social Media Manager
School. And our continuing conversation about them in our Private Facebook
Group is priceless. Our grads will review marketing plans, they’ll go through
your sales process to check it and they’ll offer their eyes and ears on many
other wonderful things that will help your business.


What’s Next?
More Free Social Media Training
If you found this report valuable, be sure to stay tuned for more free social
media training for social media consultants and managers. If someone forwarded
this to you, be sure to go to www.socialmediamanagerschool.com
and enter your name and email so you can get all of the goods that are on
the way.

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