Clicks to Website: Carousel


Showcase 3-5 images and links within a single ad unit to direct people to specific locations on your website.

Design Recommendations

Use these guidelines to design an ad that looks good everywhere it appears on Facebook. The recommended image size ensures your image always looks high quality. The recommended text length is how many characters of ad copy could be displayed on smaller screens.

Recommended image size: 600 x 600 pixels

Image ratio: 1:1

Text: 90 characters

Headline: 40 characters

Link description: 20 characters

Your image will not include more than 20% text. See how much text is on your image.



Use product imagery to target returning or high-intent customers, and lifestyle imagery to target new customers. While you should use images that are related to one theme in each ad, try different creative strategies, like storytelling or sequencing, to see what works best for you.


Creative Optimization

This feature will optimize the performance of your ad by selecting and ordering the best-performing images and links for each person who sees your ad.


Courtesy of Facebook