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Have launched Gails reiki classes online.

Level I, II, II and Master Reiki

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One of Ziggy's platforms


Our team is successfully growing this business exponentially 
We are utilizing Social platforms, algorithms, Google Ads  and onsite management

What our team is doing with Gail's project is designing and update daily changes to her website. Posting Blogs regularly. We have  developed a strategy for her Social Media and posting regularly to her different 

Social Media platforms that's concerning her business. We have to select from many tools. Right now it's Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Google blog and Instagram

With Creative Designs our team is developing a facebook page

and a blog developing into a social media connection with

exposure and goal of the industry wholesellers.

Artisan Salon Landpark is a site we built and a shopping cart for sales. We have developed a facebook page and are in the process of developing a twitter presence, we are finding success with the facebook promotional presence.