3 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads

Want to improve your Facebook ad results?

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#1: Collect Demographic Data to Inform Your Targeting

Some businesses think their target market is a broad group of people such as “working professionals.” While all working professionals may benefit from your product, you need to narrow your market to a specific group of people so you can market your product more effectively.

If you don’t narrow your market, your message will be broad and unlikely to grab anyone’s attention. For example, if you’re selling a slow cooker and your audience is “everyone,” the most you can do is tell people about the features of the slow cooker and the convenience of cooking a meal without much effort. You might get some sales, but not many, because there’s no real motivation to buy.

However, if you narrow your target market to single working fathers, you can market the slow cooker by telling fathers they can prepare a meal that cooks itself while they pick up the kids from daycare and come home to a ready-made feast.

Here are a few practical ways to narrow down your market:

Add gender to your product checkout page form. Knowing the gender of your target audience is especially important. It’s not uncommon for businesses to have a predominantly female market, yet direct their marketing to males. If you don’t know the gender of your market, you need to find out. Use a third-party service to get detailed demographic information about your email contacts. For example, you can send TowerData a file of your exported contacts from your CRM, and they’ll analyze that data, based on your preferred data sets, and send you more demographics on your contacts. This is a great way to learn more about your customers and improve your Facebook ad targeting.

#2: Use Demographic Data to Design Ads That Capture the Attention of Your Target AudienceUsing Facebook encourages multitasking, quick scrolling, and scattered thoughts as the user absorbs tiny bits of information from hundreds of news feeds in a single minute. In this environment, a user’s attention lasts only until the next shiny object pops up.The way you capture someone’s attention will determine his or her lifecycle as a customer. If your Facebook ad strategy consists of roping people in with images and slogans irrelevant to your business, you won’t make many sales.Here’s how you can design your ads to attract your target audience:Create Offers That Support Your Strategic GoalsSome businesses offer massive discounts to get sales. If your ad strategy consists of advertising your coaching webinar that normally costs $397 for a limited-time offer of $5, the majority of customers you attract will only last as long as the deal. If your goal is to upsell a monthly coaching program, you aren’t going to do it by roping people in with a $5 deal.

#3: Segment Clicks From Facebook Ads to Measure Conversions

If you’re running ads on Facebook and using a CRM to track clicks, you should be segmenting everyone who comes from your Facebook ads. Whether your customers answer a survey or download a freebie, you should segment and tag your customers so you can identify whether they eventually buy your product.

Assuming you’re marketing the same products or services to your Facebook leads that you market to the rest of your mailing list, the only way you’ll know if your Facebook ads are working is if you know how many Facebook clicks turned into sales.

If you’re not capturing leads from Facebook, you’ll want to start immediately. It may be cheaper and easier to run Facebook ads that link to your Facebook page; however, to gather leads who are interested in your marketing, send people to your website. This way you can offer them something of value in exchange for their email address.

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